Arista Hemostat

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The Innovative Way to Stop Bleeding: Arista Hemostat

A hemostat (also known as hemostatic clamp or arterial forceps) is among the important tools a surgeon needs to have beside him in the operating room. This instrument prevents and controls bleeding of any blood vessels. A Roman physician, Aelius Galenus, pioneered the idea of utilizing a clamp to control the arterial bleeding so tying it would be easy. Now, modern technology introduces a new product that does the same function as the traditional hemostat but without the need to apply manual pressure. Arista hemostat is a new-generation simple, effective and safe absorbable hemostat that helps the body in blood coagulation. This hemostatic powder has just been authorized by the Food and Drug Administration for surgical use.

This body absorbs the hemostat once the blood vessel closes. This product aids in clotting if most of the conventional methods fails or are improbable. Natural components concocted from a refined plant polymer, free of any biological elements are the materials used and these components are non-irritating, non-mutagenic, non-hemolytic and non-toxic. Arista hemostat reaches its highest volume directly upon contact with any fluids or blood and clinical studies show no adverse reactions with the use of this product. Additionally, it is biocompatible and non-immunogenic.

The biodegradable hemostat works by speeding up the inherent clotting cascade effectively and safely. Applied to a bleeding wound, each particle of this innovative hemostat works as a sieve (at the molecular level) and immediately removes any liquid from the blood. The potent osmotic activity makes the hemostatic particles expands to around fifteen times its original volume and aggregate platelets, serum proteins and other elements on the surface of the wound or blood vessels. Once aggregation starts, the packed down cells build a gel matrix where dense fibrin clots form. The Arista hemostat particles are immediately absorbed and cleared enzymatically at the site in 24 – 48 hours.

This hemostatic agent is good for surgical procedures except ophthalmic, urological and neurological procedures. Studies show that the product effectively controls bleeding in cardiac, orthopedic and general surgical procedures. Side effects observed upon use of this product include arrhythmias, nausea, anemia and pain. Injecting Arista hemostat directly to the blood vessel or used in surgical procedures where it may directly enter the blood vessels is not recommended. Blood clot formation might take place, which has the potential to block blood circulation, resulting to more problems that are serious or even death.

The product comes with a small plastic FlexTip applicator that has a flexible long tube. This allows accurate delivery of the hemostatic powder into the bleeding wound and areas difficult to reach with the traditional hemostat. The applicator has bellows that act as powder reservoir and delivers the hemostatic agent when compressed. This is the first surgical hemostat that is ready for use any time and does not need mixing, addition of blood from the patient or other sources and any special storage or handling.

Surgical procedures are safer with the introduction of Arista hemostat. Bleeding problems are now easily controlled preventing operating room death due to hemorrhagic reasons.

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